The year 2002 has been a very turbulent year in my life. Anna-Lena and I have decided to walk separate roads. The divorce will be completed in spring 2003. The children live with Anna-Lena in Stenungsund. I have moved to Gothenburg.

My work at ÅF-Processdesign is still very exiting and varied. I spent most of the summer and autumn in Stavanger working for Statoil in the Sleipner Amine Task Force II. The picture shows the members of the Task Force Jan Ivar, Håvard, Arne and me on a cruise in the fjords outside Stavanger having one or two Norwegian beer.
The Sleipner Amine Task Force II. Click for a larger picture

During 2002 I have had the pleasure of working with new and old clients:
Amersham Health, Lindesnes, Norway
Amersham Biosciences AB, Uppsala, Sweden
Borealis Polyethylene Plant, Stenungsund, Sweden
Metallkraft AS, Kristiansand, Norway
Scanbio ASA, Trondheim, Norway
Statoil AS, Stavanger, Norway

The golf season has not been that successful as I spent most of the summer working in Stavanger. Also my eyesight has been badly effected of cataract, which was successfully operated in November. I could not see the boll after hitting it and I did not have a very good 3D-vision either. But I managed to stay on single handicap, 9.5.

Helen is doing her final collage year in a curriculum called "natural sciences with an esthetical approach" i.e. music is also included in her studies. Helen is still playing the saxophone in the Stenungsund Orchestra and is active in other music groups and choirs.

Martin is doing very well in his ninth grade. Badminton and computer programming occupy most of his spare time.

Everthing is not as bad as it might sound in the letter. I have now met an other woman, Anita. We are planning our future together. Anita has two children Kajsa, aged 12, and Björn, aged 15 as Martin.

I wish you and your nearest a Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year.

Anders Rykfors

PS. The music you hear is a live recording of the Lacrimosa from Mozart´s Requiem, which was performed by a local choir and orchestra in a concert in November 2002 in Lysekil.
Helen and I were in the choir. DS.