This may be the last Christmas card I will send from Pro Opt AB. The number of jobs have decreased, which has led me to look for an employment. I now work at FB Engineering with the mutual aim to employ me next year.

In May I had time to go with my daughter and the choir, Stenungarna, on their visit to the Norbusang in Iceland. Norbusang is a gathering of Scandinavian youth choirs.
Here is my report of the Norbusang event, in Swedish, with a lot of pictures.

During sightseeing we had the opportunity to ride the Icelandic horses, which has a fourth form of pace "Tölta" or "The Flight of the wind", which is a very smooth pace. Unfortunately my horse was more of an ambler, with a bounce every step it made. The last time I went on horseback was in Kashmir at 2000 m, some twenty years ago, so I am not a frequent rider

During 2000 I have had the pleasure of working with new and old clients:
Nycomed Imaging, Lindesnes, Norway
Simulation Sciences, Manchester, UK
Semcon West AB, Helsingborg, Sweden
Westerberg & Medbo Ingenjörsbyrå, Gothenburg, Sweden
FB Engineering, Gothenburg, Sweden and through them I have worked with My golf practice with Johnny Anderson continues. I have become more consistent in my play and is now down to 10.7 in my handicap, still aiming for a single figure handicap.

Martin is doing very well in his seventh grade. Martin is playing the piano and the clarinet. He is a member of the school orchestra and is an active badminton player.

My daughter Helen has just started her collage studies in a curriculum called "natural science with an aesthetical approach" i.e. she studies the natural science and music, too. Helen is still playing the saxophone in the Stenungsund Orchestra and is active in other music groups and choirs.

My family and I wish you and your nearest a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Anders Rykfors

PS The music you hear is the Hallelujah Choir from Händel´s Oratorio The Messiah. Anna-Lena, Helen and I will perform the oratorio with a local choir and orchestra in a concert in March 2001. DS.