1998-1999 Borealis Polyethylene Plant, Stenungsund.
Design of a butene booster pumps process.
Design of an inhibitor process.
Preparing the design basis and estimating costs of ventgas relief to the flare for vent gas compressors.
Preparing the design basis and estimating costs for butene primary pumps.

1998 Borealis Cracker, Stenungsund.
Revising the stripper design documentation

1997 - 1998 Simulation Sciences Ltd, Manchester, England.
Representative for SimSci and responsible for training of SimSci´s programs in Scandinavia.

Training session during 1997 - 1999.

Training PRO/II Datacon
Company Site Country Introduction Advanced Refinery Electrolyte  
Danisco Aarhus Denmark X     X  
Borealis Rønning Norway X        
Borealis Stenungsund Sweden XX        
Statoil Bergen/Stavanger Norway XXX XXX XX    
Neste Oxo Stenungsund Sweden         X
Borealis Stenungsund Sweden XX        
UMOE Stavanger Norway X X      
1996 Borealis Polyethylene.
Establishing control philosophy for a distillation column.
1996 Borealis Cracker.
Establishing tie-ins for the new crackers. Design basis for revamp of sour water stripper and preheat train due to increased load. Establishing process design for the ease of switching between strippers when cleaning is required. Establishing process design for routing the ethylene production to a common main ethylene storage and converting former ethylene tanks to ethane tanks.
1994 Borealis Polyethylene.
Checking the operation of a newly designed and installed thermosyphon reboiler.
1990 Neste Oxo AB.
Evaluating the possibility and the cost to install the Nesterol process in the existent isobutanolplant at the Örnsköldsvik site. The basic design was made in 1989 for the Stenungsund site.
1990 Neste Oxo AB.
Database searching of chemical substances and their reported influence on living species.
1990 Statoil Petrokemi AB.
A feasibility study of monitoring fouling factors and cooling water rates in heat exchangers. Suggestion of new instrumentation and estimation of the complexity of involved equations.
1990 Berol Nobel AB.
A feasibility study of a batchstill unit in a new production line.
1989-1990 Neste Oxo AB.
Process manager in a basic design of increasing the quality and capacity in a plasticiser plant.
1989 Statoil Petrokemi AB.
Basis for an optimization model on the C3-splitter by using a simulation program.
1989 Neste Oxo AB.
Process manager in a basic design of a new production plant. The Nesterol project. Process manager in projects to increase the capacities in two different plants.
1986 Berol AB.
Process design of an amine scrubber.
Simulation of an amine-absorption unit with high concentration of amine absorber.


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