1996 -1997 Kværner Installasjon AS, Stavanger, Norway.
Specialist process engineer

Simulation of Gullfaks A and C platforms for new feed from satellite fields. Evaluation of
different configuration of new and old equipment and pipelines.
Preparing PIDs, PFDs and process descriptions.

1991-1993 Kværner Engineering a/s, Stavanger, Norway.
Senior and specialist engineer.

Lead engineer.
Projects for Phillips Petroleum Co., Norway
Process studies of the tie-in of J-Block on the British shelf to the Ekofisk Centre.
- Debottlenecking of the Ekofisk Tank.
- Equipment checking and sizing.
- Design of fuel gas system.
- Checking the flare system.
- Checking the support systems.
Process studies of tie-in on Edda.
- Checking and redesigning parts of the flare system.
- Checking the radiation from the flame with the new increased flows.
Process studies of gas injection on Eldfisk.
- Preparing process and instruments sketches over the different injection cases.
- Simulation of the blowdown and design of a new low temperature flare system.
- Studying and designing flare systems on new and existing platforms on Eldfisk. Process studies of water flood on Eldfisk.
- Preparing process and instrument diagram for a new hydrocyclone treatment unit for the produced water from the production separator.
Remote depressuring of major process piping and equipment on the Ekofisk Tank.
- Performing sectioning of the process system.
- Performing the depressuring simulations.
- Studying the possibility to use existing flare system, with or without modifications or the use
of a new low temperature flare system.
Reduction of Mime operating pressure. Evaluating the use of a two-phase pump to boost the pressure to correspond to the operating pressure on COD.
- Preparing process and instrument diagram.
- Simulating the influence of the GOR on power consumption and outlet temperature.
- Line sizing and process description.
- Preparation of compressor package specification.
- Preparation of booster pump specification.

1990-1991 Kværner Engineering a/s Stavanger, Norway.
Senior and specialist engineer
Projects for Phillips Petroleum Co., Norway
ELDFISK: A study of how future water injection will affect installed pipes, heat exchangers and separators.
TOR: A short study of possible ways to heat seawater before chemical treatment and degassing for the production of injection water.
ELDFISK: A study of compressor configurations for the gas lift.
WEST EKOFISK: Suggestion of changes in remote control of some equipment.
Project for STATOIL, Stavanger.
SLEIPNER: Simulations of main separation and recompression, including pipelines.
SNØVIT: LNG pretreatment plant at Sørøya. Process evaluation for different production
alternatives. The study was made as basis for the first cost estimate.


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