1993-1994 Borregaard Industries LTD, Spritfabrikken, Sarpsborg, Norway.
Specialist process engineer
An increase of the production of ethanol requires revamping of three distillation columns.
Studied and made suggestion on alternatives to increase the capacities of
- the binary azeotropic column
- the ternary azeotropic column
- the fusel oil removal column
Evaluation of surplus columns to increase the production.

1993-1994 Borregaard Fine Chemicals, Sarpsborg, Norway.
Lead process engineer.
- Commissioning a pharmaceutical multipurpose solvent recovery plant for a new solvent
- Project manager in redesigning the recovery plant to better suit the solvent system.
- Recommissioning and validation of the operation of the plant and the equipment.
- Established control parameters and control philosophy for the plant, including some
configuration of Rosemount system 3.
- Prepared PID for the recovery system and a new tank farm.
- Design of a batch still for stripping an alcohol from a water solution.

1992-1993 Borregaard Fine Chemicals, Sarpsborg, Norway
Simulation of multipurpose solvent recovery columns to establish the optimal operational


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